Is Avon Cruelty-Free / Vegan?

Avon is a longstanding cosmetics company that that was founded in the mid-1930s.  The founder David H. McConnell started out a struggling salesman, but his persistence selling perfumes, powder and rouge and lipsticks saw his company become one of the biggest in North America, which today occupies a global market.

Avon proclaimed to have ended animal testing nearly 25 years ago.  However, the news broke in 2012 that Avon’s animal welfare policy was not as cruelty-free as it seemed.  They admitted that they were marketing their products in countries that require animal testing to sell to the public – most notably China. Fortunately, Avon has been working hard to become cruelty-free.

Is Avon a cruelty-free company? Avon is not a cruelty-free company. They may do animal testing on its own, through suppliers, or through a third party. Animal testing may be required by law for items sold by brands that fall into this category.

Does Avon test on animals?

Avon is not certified cruelty-free yet, but they are working on it.   According to Avon, they don’t test any of their products on animals and they also make it clear that they don’t test any of the ingredients on animals.  It is also important to note that Avon doesn’t require any of their suppliers of ingredients or products to do animal testing on their behalf.  It is however possible that some of their supplies still test the ingredients or products on animals.  Avon is in the process of ensuring cruelty-free suppliers, but they may not be there yet.

Do not be concerned that unsafe products will be distributed.  Avon still ensures the safety of all their products by doing non-animal testing such as in vitro testing, using existing data and computer modeling.

Avon is also working to reduce any negative impact on the planet by incorporating more plant, natural and synthetic-based ingredients without impacting the planet’s resources negatively.

Avon states: “We’re committed to helping end animal testing on beauty products for good and for the last 30 years have been working with scientific organizations on new approaches to product safety evaluation. We’ll keep up this work and continue to work with partners towards meaningful positive change.”

Is Avon owned by a cruelty-free parent company?

Since January 2020, Avon has been acquired by Brazilian cruelty-free company Natura & Co. The same company that recently acquired The Body Shop. So now Avon is owned by a cruelty-free parent brand.

Do Avon products carry a ‘cruelty-free’ logo?

Avon has been working with organizations such as FRAME, the Institute for in Vitro Sciences and Humane Society International for up to 30 years.  They have decided to feature their logos in support of the valuable work they are doing.

Are Avon products Vegan friendly?

All their products are NOT Vegan-friendly but the Distillery range comprises of vegan-friendly products that are composed of concentrates crafted through a rich distillery process and housed in environmentally conscious packaging.

Avon introduced the Distillery range as a range of vegan-friendly and allergy-tested skincare and make-up products composed of concentrates crafted through a rich distillery process that delivers nature’s potency at its fullest.

The new collection is composed of five skincare products, with a make-up range launching in 2020. The products combine high-performance, vegan-friendly ingredients with beautiful textures, environmentally conscious packaging and an ethical mindset.

They state “We’re proud that all Distillery products are registered with the Vegan Society. The Vegan Society is an international charity that registers products and services that do not involve or contain animal-derived ingredients and have not involved animal testing.”

Statement from Avon

“Our goal is to deliver products to meet our customers’ needs without compromising our commitment to animal welfare, our high product safety standards or our adherence to regulatory requirements. Globally, none of our products will be tested on animals.”

A statement from 28 April 2021 from Avon: Avon never tests products on animals. Under no circumstances does Avon conduct animal testing on any of its ingredients and products.

Statements from other organisations regarding Avon

Humane Society International (HSI)

Humane Society International logoWe support HSI’s #BeCrueltyFree campaign calling to outlaw cosmetic animal testing in key global beauty markets.

“We are delighted to count Avon among our #BeCrueltyFree campaign supporters as we work with lawmakers across the globe toward meaningful policy change that reflects our shared vision of cruelty-free beauty.”

Troy Seidle, HSI Vice President for Research & Toxicology


Institute for In Vitro Sciences (IIVS)

We are a founding member of  IIVS’s Industry Council for the Advancement of Regulatory Acceptance of Alternatives (ICARAA), a working group that promotes specific activities designed to accelerate the adoption of non-animal methods by government agencies such as the Chinese Food & Drug Administration.

“Avon has partnered with IIVS for over twenty years to develop and utilize novel in vitro testing platforms to ensure the safety of their products. These successful approaches have been adopted by other companies in the industry. Additionally, Avon has supported the IIVS Education and Outreach programs to promote the use and acceptance of these methods worldwide”

Erin Hill, President, IIV



“PETE” celebrates Avon’s long-term commitment to ending all cosmetic testing on animals everywhere in the world, and we know millions of consumers will too. Avon’s support for non-animal testing methods has made a meaningful difference to the development, utilisation and acceptance of alternatives to animal testing.” 

Kathy Guillermo, Senior Vice President, PETA 


Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments (FRAME)

frame logoIn Europe, we have partnered with FRAME for 30 years.

“FRAME is dedicated to the development of new, valid and ethical scientific methods that will replace the need for laboratory animals in medical and scientific research, education and testing. Avon’s decision to stop testing in China sends an important message to the global cosmetics industry that animal testing for cosmetics is unnecessary and unacceptable, and that we must push for global acceptance of alternative techniques that are scientifically valid and have human relevance.”

Amy Beale, Scientific Liaison Officer at FRAME


Other cruelty- free websites

Most cruelty-free websites seem to agree that Avon may not be completely cruelty-free yet, although they may be working on it.  It is stated that Avon hasn’t verified that all their ingredient, formula and product suppliers are completely cruelty-free.  It is stated that Avon is working towards putting systems in place to ensure that none of their suppliers test on animals, but it seems that this may still be an ongoing process.  Another concern is that Avon sells their products in China, which generally require animal testing by law.  It is not completely clear to many organizations how they manage to get exempted from China’s animal testing requirements.

What about China and their animal testing requirements?

In 2019, Avon managed to become the first global beauty company to sell their products in China without testing the ingredients or products on animals.  That is true across all their brands.  Avon managed to do that by reformulating some of their products and making some changes to certain ranges in order to provide products that do not require animal testing in China.  Some cruelty-free organizations and websites still have concerns in this regard as it is not clear how Avon managed to get exempted from China’s animal testing requirements.  Avon sells cleansers, toners, eye creams, essence fragrances, face creams, masks, sun creams, lipsticks and many more products in China.

The products that is available in the distillery range is:

  • Distillery Skincare C-Shot –  A shot of pure Vitamin C for a brighter and more luminous skin.  It comes in a powder formula.  As a powder it is the purest and most potent and effective way to get the glow.
  • Distillery Skincare Facial Oil – A sumptuously silky oil to purify and instantly renew skin.  It is a custom blend of pure ingredients;  Jojoba oil, phytol, Vitamin E and cloudberry.  Distillery skincare facial oil is a waterless formula that makes it very concentrated and powerful.
  • Distillery Skincare Clean Break – A cleaner that offers a powerful cleansing ritual and an incredibly hydrated skin.  Thed 69% pure pressed apricot oil and complete waterless formula delivers maximum concentration and maximum cleansing.  It melts away stubborn make-up and impurities without stripping the skin from its natural barriers.
  • Distillery Skincare Shade the Day – This is the collection’s ultimate multitasker. It protects, moisturises, clarifies, mattifies and primes the skin. It’s the 100% pure mineral sunscreen that offers the most effective broad-spectrum protection, combined with highly concentrated natural moisturisers.
  • Distillery Skincare Sleep Potion – With Sleep Potion consumers will drench their skin in potent 48-hour moisture and wake up to revitalised, glowing skin. It’s a moisturizing night cream with 93% pure ingredients.

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